Thursday, 19 July 2012

Laurens goodbye poem

I like your jokes,
Although they're not funny to us fokes,
Your friends are cool,
But sometimes play the fool,
The knuckle bump  you gave us was quite strange,
But every day it would it would slightly change
when answering questions you'd
make us all put our hands up
But sometimes the answer was,
"can I have some water in a cup?"
The reading challenge was ace,
cos you'd get to move from place to place,
for solutions to problems...
you'd tell us in a funny way,
or you would have something wierd to say.
You know what we mean, but often pretend not too,
so very frustrated we'd go and think in the loo,
I now like tag rugby, rounders and cricket.
But cross way I want to bound through a thicket.
I don't even have to mention the smart cup,
cos I'm sure you will remember,
someone asking for a class pup.
Little presents for reaching the stars we got,
they were awesome and I got quite a lot1
The football was quite alright,
I might do it again.......just might,
I wish I could stay here,
But I may have to end at the end of each year!!

Lauren aged 9


  1. great poem lauran gonna miss you in new class you've allways been there for me and you are the best freind any one could have

  2. Hi my name is Ryan and I am from Melville intermediate I liked the poem and the rhyming thats in it your class has some good talent in it.

    1. It certainly is Courtney and Ryan. We have broken up now for the summer holiday (6 weeks) but we would still love to read some of your work on here.

  3. Your Poem Was Amazing And You Wil Do Even Better In Your 5/6 Class With Mrs Bishton!!

  4. thats great

  5. i think that poem is the best ever lol
    from olivia