Monday, 25 March 2013

100 word challenge Dom

One suny day I went to a sweet shop looking at all the chocalate. So I said to the man runnig the shop, "Hey got any chocalate?" The man said" no we sold out we have lemonade. do you want some" " naa ill pass" and i ran away till the very   next day. " Hey you got any galexy" "no we have snikers"no there horible litrly" the man  said OMG you dont like snikers jesus dude  were you droped on youre head as a todler  the baber gave his head a brizzilan.

Phoebe - 100 word challenge

Dee, Tylie, Cyanne and Sloane were at Sweet Treats.  Suddenly Tylie noticed a poster advertising a Candy Fashion Show.  "Lets work as a team" said Dee.
"Thats a great idea" said Sloane. 
"But who will model it?" asked Tylie.
"I will do it" replied Sloane.
"OK" said Dee.
They made a chocolate delight and won the competition.  The prize was a free candy from Sweet Treats for a week and a candy patterned trophy each.The friends had the best time ever.
"Thats what I call La Dee Da" said Dee.

100 word challenge Oliver

One day there was a little boy he was reading a book when the words in the book made a message.
It said you must concore your feerer it was incredible how the book made that message. what was my feerer oh it was abandend houses.So i grabed my jacket and went to an abandend houes i opend the door and went storming in to the house and then he found him self in a room of choclate.

,Jamie,jacob-100 word challenge

I was walking slowly through the kitchen smelling an amazing breeze of chocolate flying around the house, to be honest I could smell the choclate from miles away, it smelt so tasty. Besides looking at all that chocolate made my mouth water. It was really tempting to eat so I just took one bar and put it in my mouth then went back for more and more and then put it in my lunch box. One for me and one for my friend Jamie. When it was lunch me and Jamie felt like we were in heaven... it was great. 

Molly , Olivia and luke 100 word challenge

Molly and Olivia ran to the old shop door , their was crowds and crowds of people waiting for the latest chocolate bar stored in shops . As Molly and Olivia sprinted towards the counter . all of a sudden Molly and Olivia found their self looking at all that chocolate ... Olivia suddenly fainted ! The shop keeper ran from behind her counter to help her . Whilst the lady was helping Olivia , Molly ran to get some chocolate from the counter more and more people grabbed the free chocolate from the counter swiping the plate clean !!

Alysha 100 word challenge

Lucy ran towards the corner shop and flung the door open. She couldn't resist the taste of the Rocko Choco bar. She ran down the sweets isle and picked up the delicious chocolate bar. Her mouth was watering as she was looking at all that choclate.
”Mmmm…sorry Mary I can’t go the hole day without having my daily Rocco Choco bar” said Lucy.
“Oh I doesn’t matter Lucy come here then, that will be  20p; thank you”. Lucy ran to the door and shouted” thank you Mary”. Lucy skipped home, gosh I do like chocolate  she muttered to herself.


100 Word Challenge - Zoe, Bethan , Holly

Zoe's 11th birthday party, it said on the banner. We stood there; mouths dropped opened, looking at all the chocolate.
" Come on guys." Zoe screamed excitedly " We can't come to Cadbury world to just look at the Chocolate. Let's eat!!" Everyone raced towards the chococlate. Zoe bit into the first mouth watering bar when... it turned into a humongous, mouth watering chocolate dragon!!!! It has fiery red eyes and sticky wings oozing with chocolate.
"Wow." Cried everyone and ran wildly towards the jawdropping dragon. There was a loud gurgling noise and after a minute the dragon had disappeared.

Cameron 100 word challenge

As I drifted to sleep my pillow felt like a cloud drifteing off in the distence.I tried my hardest to fall to sleep because tommorw was Easter.Suddenly everything changed my Moms vocie gracefully drifed off in to the disence,like a gizale.

My eye lid pecked open it was the midele of the night not even a mouse scweek echoed through the house. I got up.I tip toed to the stair case.Suddenly I was glaring at some thing marvolies, looking at all that choclate i passed out. I shoodent coplain though my parents diden't ground me im fine for now !

100 word challenge Jessica and Natasha

When I woke up in the night my tummy started to rumble, so I walked quietly down the creaky stairs and looked inside  the fridge.But there was nothing! I looked everywhere but there was still nothing.But there was one place I knew I would find what I'm looking Dad's secret stash of chocolates.

I sneaked slowly towards it. When I got there all of the chocolates . Looking at all that chocolate sure made me hungry. But as I reached out my arm to get the chocolates.Dad came down. "OHHHH NOOOO!"
"What did you do?"...

100 word challenge jack and malachi

Millie ran to the shop to get some of the ‘top of the shop’ chocolate. As she burst through the door, a crowd of elderly people fixed their eyes onto her. Whilst she shook all the snow off herself, their beady eyes were on her like stripes on a tiger. Then she walked around to where all the chocolate lay, awaiting to be melted on someone’s tongue. Looking at all that chocolate her mouth watered, she was gob smacked. All the unbelievable chocolate in her sight. Without warning she snatched a bar of chocolate from the shelf and vanished …

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

william,jamie, What we did today 12/03/13

Today in literacy we were writing newspaper report,It was about the I-pads becouse most of the teachers don't know where they are kept and some don't know how to use them!.So we decided to do a report about them to show how much easier they are.

Today in maths we were working on mass,which is weight, we were measuring the weight of was tricky well for some of us.we were babies,not real ones of course.

Monday, 11 March 2013

What we have done today 11.3.13

Today in maths we rounded decimals and three didgit numbers to the nearest 10 or 1 decimal place to help us with questions.We also had to estimate the answers.

In literacy we wrote a plan about why we should use the school i-pads and why the teachers should use them more offen. We had to include technical vocabulary and stistics, to back up our opinian.

After lunch we are going to find out about the human body, how it works and what body parts are called.

Molly and Bethan

Monday, 4 March 2013


We have been exploring air resistance and water resistance in Science.
We made parachutes and tested the speed at which they fall when they have various number of holes in them.
This was followed by designing a superhero submarine! We found that the pointier the front of the submarine, the more streamline it was. as a result it encountered less resistance and travelled faster!

Today's work, Jack and William

Today in literacy we worked on the ipads, we went round some of the classes to find out the answers to some questions. The questions were closed and opened. A closed questiouns is a undescriptive answer.A opened question is a quite descriptive answer.

Miss Cook sent us an email and it told us to ask the classes questions like, have you used the ipads ?
Or ,what apps do you use ?

Then we went to go an ask all the school these questions to all the yr's what they think. We put it into a tally chart then for maths we put it in to duffrent charts like thames put it into a bar chart, nile and amazon did a comparative bar graph. Mississippi and Ganges did a pie chart. Then we wrote down all are our findings.

Tommorow we will do more fun work!!